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United States Military Academy Library

Locating Items in the USMA Library: Where to find what you're looking for!

A guide to the location of a variety of materials in the USMA Library.

A Guide to Finding Library Materials

Where is that…?

Book DVD Journal Newspaper Microfilm Government Document


 Circulating Books

Call Number Floor / Location
A - D 3rd Floor / North East
D - DZ 3rd Floor / South East
E - G 3rd Floor / South West
H - JX 4th Floor / North East
JX - PQ 4th Floor / South East
PR - PZ 5th Floor / North East
Q, R, S 5th Floor / South East
T, U, V, Z 5th Floor / South West
Oversized 5th Floor / South East
Dissertations 4th Floor / Reading Room


Class of 53- RECREATIONAL READING ROOM - 2nd Floor / Rotunda South

New Books Display Shelves - 2nd floor / Rotunda East

Class of 57 Honor Kiosk – 3rd floor / Rotunda East

 Paperback book and media exchange

5th Floor / Reading Room


Journals, Newspapers, Atlases & DVDs

Journals/Periodicals - 2nd Floor / East Wing - Center

Bound Volumes - 2nd Floor / East Wing - Southeast

Newspapers - 2nd Floor / East Wing - Center

Atlases - 2nd Floor / East Wing

DVDs - 2nd Floor / East Wing - Southeast


Special collections: Bartlett Hall North

4th Floor / West Point Room


Reserve Room - 4th floor / North West

Government Documents & Microfilm/Fiche

2nd Floor / East Wing - Center & Southeast

Official records of the Union and Confederate Armies

3rd Floor Reading Room


Howitzers - 2nd Floor / Rotunda


Ring Case - 2nd Floor / North West


 There is an Information Desk on the second floor where you can see a staff member if you need assistance.

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