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Geography and Environmental Engineering: Environmental Science

A guide to the academic majors within the department identifying resources used in the study of human geography, environmental geography, GIS, environmental engineering, and environmental science

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Welcome to Environmental Science

Environmental Science is an integrative, holistic, science-based study of how human activity affects and is affected by the physical, biological, and chemical processes that shape the environment.  It's a broad field that seeks to connect the natural sciences (Biology, Ecology, Geology, Meteorology) that describe the environment with the human activities of business, industry, and government, seeking to minimize environmental degradation and promote sustainability.  The program is designed to be flexible and relevant and helps you prepare to solve our most pressing unsolved problems (reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, eliminating the CO2 emissions which are driving climate change, stopping population growth).  The major is broad enough to give you options (law school, grad school, medical school, employment at all levels of government, business) and deep enough to make you a subject expert. 




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