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Guide to U.S. Federal Information Sources: Government Documents: What They Are & How to Find Them

Links and tutorials for subscription databases, official government websites, and other sources of U.S. Government Information, both current and historical.

What Are Government Documents?

Government Documents are materials published by the U.S. Federal Government that reflect the work of (or are products of) the agencies that issue them.  Examples include Congressional deliberations, Presidential statements, economic and social statistical compilations, annual reports of agencies, reports of special commissions, and the texts of treaties, court decisions, proposed bills and enacted laws. 

The United States Military Academy Library is a "partial depository" for U. S. Government Documents. This means that only selected publications are received automatically from the Government Printing Office. Our collection consisists of material on past and present public affairs issues; the adjoining boxes  will allow to search for printed documents in our collection, or link you to databases where you can search for online versions of them. 

The library has additional reference sources available to identify, locate, and interpret these publications. The Documents Collection and related online content are open to the public under the provisions of 44 USC 1911.


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