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United States Military Academy Library

How Do I?: Personal Librarians

Personal Librarians

Every plebe at USMA gets matched with a Personal Librarian who is available to answer questions, help with papers and research, let you know what’s going on in the library, and connect you with resources.

Personal Librarians are matched with students based on your battalion--find your Personal Librarian below!

Mike Arden 1st Regiment
1st Battalion: A, B, C

Michael Arden
Dan Pritchard 1st Regiment
2nd Battalion: D, E, F

Daniel Pritchard
1st Regiment
3rd Battalion: G, H, I

Samuel Richards
2nd Regiment
1st Battalion: A, B, C

Jenn Chess
2nd Regiment
2nd Battalion: D, E, F

Celeste Evans
2nd Regiment
3rd Battalion: G, H, I

Laura Mosher
3rd Regiment
1st Battalion: A, B, C

Mary Ahenakew
3rd Regiment
2nd Battalion: D, E, F

Elaine McConnell
3rd Regiment
3rd Battalion: G, H, I

Lauren Dodd

4th Regiment
1st Battalion: A, B, C

Doug Litts

undefined 4th Regiment
2nd Battalion: D, E, F

Manja Yirka
Heather_Seminelli 4th Regiment
3rd Battalion: G, H, I

Heather Seminelli


After your first year, you are welcome to continue contacting your Personal Librarian. Once you declare a major, we also encourage you to contact the Library Liaison for your major.

How can your Personal Librarian help you?

We can answer any questions you may have about the Library, or research in particular. Whether you are having difficulty finding a book, coming up with a topic, choosing a database or locating the best sources for a paper, you can call on your personal librarian. No question is too big or small.

Of course, you are not limited to consulting with your Personal Librarian. You are more than welcome to visit the Help Desk on the second floor (located next to the staircase), where there is always a staff member ready to help.  Remember - we are never too busy to help you; our mission is your success!

What else can your Personal Librarian do for you?

  • Keep you informed with important email messages highlighting resources and programs.

  • Answer questions about Library services such as how to find books in the Library, and how to request materials from other libraries.

  • Assist you with your research assignments by helping you identify the best sources, formulate search strategies, and cite what you use.

  • Help you when you’re not sure where to start or what to do next.

More ways to ask for help

     Chat with a librarian by clicking on the chat box on the upper right of the screen

     Visit us at the Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the library

    Computer help from Goldcoats - visit them in building 606

     See the Mounger Writing Center on the 2nd floor

     For help with study skills or performance, visit the Center for Enhanced Performance on the 1st floor

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