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United States Military Academy Library

How Do I?: Collaborative Rooms

Collaborative Rooms

Collaborative rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for cadets. Gather a group of 3 cadets to come check out a room. 

  • Please leave the rooms in the same or better condition than you found them in so they will be ready for the next group to use.

Faculty may reserve collaborative rooms. Learn how to reserve rooms in the USMA Library.

Types of Collaborative Rooms

Small Study Rooms

Room Seats Computer Display
JH 302  4 - Interactive Projector
JH 303  4     - Interactive Projector
JH 402  4     - Interactive Projector
JH 403  4     - Interactive Projector
JH 502  4     - Interactive Projector
JH 503  4     - Interactive Projector

Medium Meeting Rooms

Room Seats Computer Display
JH 501  8      Interactive Projector
JH 513  12    - Overhead Projector

Larger Meeting Rooms or Classrooms 

Room Seats Computer Display
JH 301  18    Yes Overhead Projector
JH 401  18    Yes Overhead Projector
JH 514  35    Yes Overhead Projector & Wall-Mounted Television
  • All rooms have HDMI connections for instructor's laptop.
  • The library has a portable VTC system that can be used in any room. Contact Travis Schaben at x3185 or by email to arrange to use.

Places to Study

Where are good places to study and work on projects?

  • Group Work
    • Check out a collaborative room
    • Or use the tables and chairs located on floors 2-4 in the central areas of the library.
  • Plebe Study areas: The tables in the NE section of the library (above the Mounger Writing Center) on the 4th floor are reserved for plebe study areas.
  • Solo Work: There are study carrels and individual chairs along the outer walls of the library on every floor.
  • Quiet Floor: The 5th floor is designated as the quiet floor if you prefer quiet to study.
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