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Newspapers and News: News Sources Beyond Print

This guide will help you find and evaluate current and historical news items.

Evaluate the News

Most people have come to rely on the web for finding news, so evaluating what you read is more important than ever.

Here are some things to consider while reading a news story. 

  • What type of article is it? Persuasive or Objective?  
  • Is there an author or organization that's credited with contact information? 
  • What is the date of publication? 
  • Look at the language and evaluate for bias
  • Look for consistency by checking multiple outlets covering the same news item.
  • Fact Check when possible. 
  • What is the view Point of the publication?
    • Conservative
    • Liberal
    • Progressive... etc?

News Services

Gathers news stories and then distributes them to the media or subscribers; also called news agency , [press association], wire service.

Other News

News with a Point of View

How to Choose Your News


World News for an International Perspective

Historic News

Political News

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