Newspapers and News: Evaluating the News: Fact Check and Public Opinion

This guide will help you find and evaluate current and historical news items.

Check the Facts!

Each of us approach the news from a point-of-view that has been formed by our backgrounds and our experiences. Naturally, we are attracted to those stories that support the way we already perceive the world. For an unbiased view, you'll need to make a conscious effort to look at a news story from all sides. One way to do this is to cross-check the facts!

  • Are the sources or statistics cited,verifiable and reputable?
  •  Look up "facts" that are used to support any argument.  
  • Is news consistently reported across sources, both conservative and liberal?
  • Look for agreed upon information.
  • Ask yourself, can this information be verified in another source. 
  • Is there missing information?

How False News Can Spread

Fact Checking

Statistics and Polls


Use these sources to help frame a debate, and find background information on topics in the news.