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Newspapers and News: Subscription News Databases

This guide will help you find and evaluate current and historical news items.

Searching the Web for News vs. Library Databases

Searching the Library's databases to find news items can save you time! 

  • This is because many of our databases allow you to search multiple publications at once while narrowing by topic and date (or other means).
  • Another benefit is that databases deal only with published material, versus the web, where you are more likely to find disreputable sources.  

Historical News

Current News

Popular Papers: New York Times/ Wall Street Journal/ LA Times/ Washington Post

The USMA Library subscribes to both paper and digital editions of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.  Paper editions of these titles can be found in the Library's periodical section on the second floor.  Back issues are held for two weeks. 


Digital Subscriptions to can be obtained through the USMA Library, for cadets, faculty, and staff with a USMA email address. Go to

1. Click "Register" to create a NYT account using your USMA email address.

2. At the bottom of the Welcome page, click "Continue."

3. Look for "Check your email." You'll receive a message within 15 minutes to confirm your Email address.

   *You will need to register annually for this pass. 

4. Click on the link in the confirmation email.  This will verify your eligibility and grant your Academic Pass. 

  • Digital  access to the Eastern Edition of the Wall Street Journal can be found here: Wall Street Journal 

  • Digital access to the LA Times can be found here: LA Times 

  • Digital subscriptions to the Washington Post are available to anyone with an EDU email address. Follow website instructions to create an account.  Access can also be found here: Washington Post

Military and Government News

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