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What You Will Find Here

This page presents general resources for research on Math topics. Use the information on this page to get started with your research, or follow the links below to more specific resources for your Math courses.


Welcome to the general Math page! To the right, there's a list of (and links to) standard Math books available through the USMA Library. Below you'll find links to Math databases where you can find journal articles on Math topics and a brief guide to browsing books on various Math topics on our shelves. You are also able to search Scout or the Library Catalog; all our books, ebooks, and journals can be found that way.

Math Databases at the USMA Library

Looking for journal articles on Math topics? The USMA Library offers a variety of Math databases that provide access to journal articles to help with your research. Find them here!

Math Books in the USMA Library

Are you curious about the Math books we have here in the USMA Library? You can always use Scout or the Library Catalog; to search for a book on a specific topic, but if you enjoy browsing the shelves, go up to the south east side of the 5th floor and find the call numbers that start with "QA." Here's a general listing of subject areas:

Subclass QA

QA1-939                                 Mathematics

QA1-43                                        General

QA47-59                                       Tables

QA71-90                                       Instruments and machines

QA75-76.95                                        Calculating machines

QA75.5-76.95                                     Electronic computers.  Computer science

QA76.75-76.765                                       Computer software

QA101-(145)                                 Elementary mathematics.  Arithmetic

QA150-272.5                                Algebra

QA273-280                                   Probabilities.  Mathematical statistics

QA299.6-433                                Analysis

QA440-699                                   Geometry.  Trigonometry.  Topology

QA801-939                                   Analytic mechanics

Math Books