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Library Services: Printing

A Guide To USMA Library Instruction Services

Printing FAQs

NO, the library does not currently have a color printer available for use.



Please note the "Online Reader & Navigation Tips." Note especially #5. regarding PRINTING: In the new online Reader use Print to PDF to create a PDF that can be printed (or saved).

You may choose Current Page, Page Range, or Current Chapter. ALWAYS use the icon within the ProQuest ebrary application.

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The USMA Library uses a print management systems to manage printing within the Library. The networked printers are centrally located on the 2nd floor of Jefferson Hall. Cadets will find the library printers as an option on their computers. Simply select the library printer when printing from your device:

Library printer = USMAPRLIBREF

Computers must be on the USMA network (DREN) in order to print. You'll need to scan your CAC at the release stations beside the printers to release your print job. If you do not release your print job within one hour, it will be automatically deleted from the print queue. Print jobs must be limited to 50 pages at a time, and all pages must be 8.5" x 11". If you receive an "Invalid Bar Code" message when trying to print, please see a Library staff member for help.

Color printing is not available.

West Point Community

If you do not have a CAC, or are unable to log into a library computer, please see a librarian at the Reference Desk for assistance.

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Cadets, Faculty, and West Point Community

Photocopies can be made using the Konica printer/scanner/copier machines next to the print release area on the 2nd Floor of Jefferson Hall. If you have questions about using the machines, please check with the help desk located in the central area of the 2nd floor.

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The library has CAC enabled scanners. They are located on the 2nd floor of Jefferson Hall near the print release stations. Once authenticated with your CAC, your scans will go directly to your email. See the Help Desk located centrally on the 2nd floor for assistance.

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The USMA Library does not have a fax machine for public use.

If your purpose for faxing can be fulfilled with a scanned document emailed to someone, we have scanners and copiers than can be used for that purpose.

If your purpose for faxing cannot be fulfilled with a scanned, emailed document, you may access one of several free web-based fax services that can be used with scanned or computer-based documents to send faxes; a few of these services are listed below. You can search for them online for more information (Note: listing does not imply endorsement).

  • FaxZero
  • eFax
  • GotFreeFax

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