Library Services: Adding your Thesis or Dissertation to the Library Collection

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USMA Library's Collection of Theses & Dissertations

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The USMA Library collects theses and dissertations written by staff and faculty members, and catalogs them as part of our holdings. They are shelved in the 4th Floor Reading Space. These specialized publications are part of our circulating collection, and serve as a reminder to all our patrons of the importance of academic scholarship, while highlighting the accomplishments of the members of our educational community.

How Can I Add my Thesis or Dissertation to the USMA Library Collection?

In accordance with guidelines set forth from the Office of the Dean, it is mandatory that every new faculty member provide two copies of his or her thesis or dissertation to the Academy.


One will be included in the USMA Library collection. The other will reside in the Institute for Innovation and Development (IID) of the Office of the Dean, or, where the instructor's academic department maintains a library, be included in that department's collection.


We are happy to have your hard work become a permanent part of our collection! Please complete the form linked below and submit it with 2 clean, unbound, printed copies of your thesis or dissertation to the USMA Library.