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Library Services: Illiad (Inter Library Loan)

A Guide To USMA Library Instruction Services

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is an interlibrary loan service offered by the USMA Library which allows you to borrow materials from libraries all over the United States.  You may order both books and journal articles through ILLiad. To use ILLiad, you must have an active library account with no overdue or billed items.

Delivery: Books ordered through ILLiad generally arrive within 1 - 3 weeks.  Articles generally arrive within 2 - 10 days.

Patrons are notified via email when their requested items have been delivered to the library.  Books are held for pick up at the Circulation desk on the first floor of the library.  Articles are often delivered electronically directly to the patron's ILLiad account, but if a hard copy of the article is mailed to the USMA Library, it will also be held for pick up at the Circulation desk. After notification, please pick up items within 48 hours.

Loan Periods and Renewals: The loan period for books is set by the lending library, but is often 4 weeks.

Due dates are written on ILLiad labels provided by lending libraries. If you wish to renew an ILLiad item, please send an email to either or with the details of your request at least 48 hours prior to the due date of the item(s).

What Materials Can Generally Be Borrowed?

Books not in our collection
Books in our collection but checked out or missing
Microfiche and Microfilm

What Materials May Not Be Borrowed?

Books published within the current year
Whole issues or volumes of journals/periodicals
Current Newspapers
Sound Recordings
Films and electronic media

Creating an ILLiad Account

You only have to create an ILLiad account once.

At the bottom of the USMA Library homepage, go to our Interlibrary Loan page.

Click on First Time User? to create your account.

Using ILLiad

Once you've set up an ILLiad account, placing a request is easy - just choose "New Requests" from the top bar of the page, and choose the type of item that you are requesting - article, book, book chapter, etc. When the next screen opens, fill in the form with all the information you have, making sure to fill in the starred fields. Then, click "Submit Request" at the bottom of the page...and you'll be notified when your item has been received!

If you've requested a book, or another item that is delivered in hard copy to the Library, it will be held for pickup at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Library. If your item has been delivered electronically - which is the case with most articles and book chapters - just log in to your ILLiad account, and the item will be waiting for you there.  Simply select "View Requests" in the top bar of the page, and choose "Electronic Articles" to see your requested item. You can also always check your due dates and outstanding requests in this area of your account as well.