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A Guide To USMA Library Instruction Services

Welcome to the USMA Library!

In addition to being your personal librarian, I am the lead librarian for Information Literacy study and standardization. I am responsible for ensuring USMA library instructional programs meet standards set forth by the Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL) for information literacy. I have served as liaison librarian to the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership for 4 years. My passion for leadership comes from having served in two distinct positions in the United States Air Force; as an Air Force Bandsmen (1986-1991; 1995-2006) and as a Professional Military Education Instructor (2006-2011) when I retired from the USAF in September 2011.


Given my background in the USAF, I am excited to work with you and help you learn the skills to succeed in research here at West Point and as an officer.  I am here to help provide you with information about our resources that are available to you for your research.  Please email me to set up an appointment to discuss your papers and projects.  I look forward to working with you!

How can I help you? I will:

  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting new resources and programs especially for students, as well as notices and timely reminders, such as programs for major assignments

  • Answer your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as ConnectNY & Interlibrary Loans

  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments, by helping you articulate your research question, identify the best sources, and formulate your search strategy

  • Support you even when you're not around (on vacation, or away from West Point on a trip section)

  • Help you when you don't know where to start, or you can't think of what to do next

Things I don’t do (but I’ll help you find out who can):

  • Set up your computer; GoldCoats is the best resource for that!

  • Write your paper for you (well, we won’t find someone to write your paper, but we can refer you to the Mounger Writing Center to help you improve your paper!)

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