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Finding Sources: Journals

Online Journals

Most current print issues of our subscribed journals are on the slanted shelves in the Periodical Area on the 2nd Floor of Jefferson Hall. Back issues are on the shelves behind the current issue.

If you know the name of the Journal you're interested in, click USMA Library Full-Text Periodicals List. Type in the name of the journal you're looking for, and hit the "Search" button. The results will let you know if we subscribe to that journal, and in what form (print, electronic, microfilm).

If a journal is noted as being available in microform or bound volumes, it can be found on the second floor, in the microform and bound journal sections of the Library. Ask a staff member for help in finding the one you are looking for, and for assistance in viewing microfilm or copying from a bound journal.

Taken from FAQ "How do I find a Journal"