Social Sciences: SS202 Paper 2 Fall 2017

A guide to the academic majors within the department identifying resources used in the study of the social sciences subject fields of economics and political science (American politics, international relations and comparative politics)

SS202 American Politics Paper 2

The resources on this page will help you to research and write on the Paper 2 topic of your choice.

Failure to Pass Senate Amendment 4720

Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014

Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance (Executive Order 13514)

Iran Nuclear Deal

SS202 Paper 2 Tips

Welcome to the SS202 page of my Social Sciences Guide.  This page has been created to help you get started with your library research for Paper 2.  The databases below should be helpful tools for researching one of the eight public policies assigned to you to choose from.  Issues & Controversies, CQ Electronic Press Library and Opposing Viewpoints in Context are great places to start gathering information about your topic.  ProQuest Newspapers is an important source for newspaper editorials and op-ed pieces that reflect the influence of mass media on political policy formation and public opinion. 


Remember that along with advocacy groups pro and con, political parties and privately funded think tanks, public opinion and mass media are informal actors.  When informal actors take a public stand on an issue, their website postings are primary sources.  On the other hand, formal actors such as federal, state, and local government have primary source documents available online, e.g. executive actions may be found on the White House website. Each public policy below has links to help you start your research.  If you would like to meet for further assistance, please contact me so we can arrange a time we’re both available.  My contact information is on the home page of this Guide.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Link to U.S. Federal Information Sources LibGuide

Supreme Court Decision: ROPER v. SIMMONS

Supreme Court Decision: OBERGEFELL v. HODGES

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DOD 2013 Ground Combat Exclusion Policy Repeal