Civil Engineering: Books & Scholarly Journals

A research guide for cadets taking CE courses or majoring in Civil Engineering.

Starting your Search

When beginning a search for a Civil Engineering topic, brainstorm some keywords based on what you already know, being as broad as possible. For example, let’s suppose you’re interested in writing about designing bridges. Some possible keywords/keyword combinations are: ‘bridge design,’ ‘bridge construction,’ and ‘bridge engineering.’ As you find sources that explain aspects of bridge design, you will start to note more specific keywords that you can use to do searching for more targeted sources, such as: ‘suspension bridges,’ ‘cable-stayed bridges,’ ‘steel girder bridges,’ etc.

Engineering Databases

Try using one of the following databases for your research:

Searching for Journal Articles

When you know the name of the journal you want an article from, you can see if the USMA Library subscribes to that journal in print or electronic format by using the search box below. Just type a few words that appear in the journal title (such as Hydraulic Engineering, say), and the results will let you know if the USMA Library has that journal, and will tell you which issues and where to find it.

If you don't have a specific journal in mind, but have a topic you want to find information about, you can search that topic in a variety of ways. You can choose from our subscription databases, such as ASCE Library or Science Direct, or you can search for information about your topic in Google Scholar. Search boxes for both of the types of searches are provided below.